Gothic Alert: How Gothic Victorian Dress Can Be Styled In 2022.

When you hear about a gothic victorian dress, the obvious image that comes into your mind is women wearing dark-colored apparel, fishnets, and a dark shade of lipstick that goes with the color of the apparel (almost like a dark brown or black colored lipstick shade). Women with black hair wearing black eyeliners and dark-colored dresses with no expressions (sometimes give you a creepy look!). But when you follow the different Gothic dresses and how people style them, you will understand that we have made a stereotypical image of Gothic dressing in our minds. There is more to Gothic Victorian dresses that also show royalty. We need to look at these dresses with an open mind and not just another option to get dressed at a Halloween party. 

What is a Gothic Victorian Dress?


Gothic Dress is, as you know it, an obvious dark or dull way of apparel worn by the individuals from the Goth subculture. Gothic style clothing, which many people view as a dissent against luxury, can be depicted as a bounty of dull velvets, fishnets, ribbon, tight undergarments, gloves, and boots made out of leather. Gothic attire likewise includes Dark makeup, for example, dark lips, dim eyeliner, finger-nails painted black and dark-colored hair. 

How to style gothic Victorian dress in a classy and elegant way:

1. Always go for good quality materials-

It is always recommended that whenever you try to create an amalgamation of a gothic dress into a modern framework, you must start with the outfit’s material. It is important that whatever image you have in your mind, to recreate a look, it should be done with good quality material. When cheap quality is used, the look comes out to be as attractive as it was in your mind and won’t be long lasting as it will start fraying in a very short period.

2. Choose the right colors-  

You would agree that black is one of the most prominent colors in creating Gothic dresses. But it is not necessary that you have to use only black color. Some other nude colors can be used too. You can use black-colored shirts with a hint of other nude shades like white, off-white, gray, etc. You need to experiment and see which color combinations you like better but don’t overdo it else; the gothic look can get ruined. You can also try Shades like yellow, red, and gray in plaid patterns. Plaid clothing can be incorporated easily with goth styling to give it a modern feel. You can just add an oversized plaid shirt over your black tank top and black jeans and pair them with leather boots to give it a goth touch in modern times. You can also add certain matching accessories to go with your look and give the perfect modern got vibe. You can also turn towards makeup to include dark-colored nail polishes and dark shades of lipsticks and liners to go with your Dress and give you the perfect Goth look. Try leather (either genuine or false) for a change. They are a basic piece of the goth dressing culture. Match a dark overcoat that is oversized with pants made of leather and a delicate fluffy mohair sweater to play into the hard/delicate part of the goth.

3. Choose the right accessories– 

You would agree that accessories also have a very important role when it comes to dressing. You can make or break the perfect look by choosing the right or wrong accessory. It can happen that you might be on point with your outfit, but just a wrong choice of accessories can completely ruin your look. Similarly, a very simple outfit can work Marvels when you add the right accessory to it. For instance, adding a black choker with or without a locket can add a gothic vibe instantly to your outfit. When you are going for a joker with a locket, there are many e options that you can choose from; for instance, you can have a star shaped locket with a circle surrounding it, or you can select a locket that has some meaning to you, or just a plane cross can also work. If you are not looking for a choker with a locket but still want that extra gothic touch, you can buy a choker with spikes on them, so you do not have a locket, but still, the choker would bring that gothic vibe to your outfit.

Gothic Victorian Woman

Frequently asked questions about gothic dressing.

Does wearing crosses have something to do with goth fashion?

The reasons vary from one person to another. A few of us truly wear crosses (sometimes reverted) since it is enjoyable to undermine strict images and make a style statement. Albeit, some may simply find it socially appropriate. Nonetheless, some of them do wear crosses because of their strict affiliations. Everything reduces to individual decisions (obviously, no offense to anybody).

What is legitimate gothic makeup?

Seeing how few makeup tips can bring out the gothic is emotional and shocking. Dark eyeliner and lipstick are generally known; however, a few goths go out on an inventive appendage to plan extraordinary lengths of gaudy makeup that feature the eyes and the lips — the sexiest parts of the face. Nails are also important; adding dark colors like black or red will constantly go with anything that looks like you’re holding back nothing.


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