Plaid clothing hacks: How to wear plaid shirts

There is often confusion when people compare a plaid and a flannel shirt. It is also seen that people sometimes ask for flannel shirts when what they want is a plaid shirt. You need to remember a very slight difference to differentiate the two clothes properly. Flannel clothes are soft woolen textured clothing that is also very comfortable, while plaid clothing is a bit thicker than these clothes and has squares or crossed line patterned designs. Although many flannel shirts have square pattern designs on them with plaid shirts, they necessarily have the cross-line pattern design printed on them.


This article will be talking about different ways in which you can wear your plaid shirts and create a comfortable yet astonishing look. These clothing hacks discussed below will help you plan on how to style your plaid shirts in creative and trendy ways. 


Hack 1:Oversized shirt dress


This is one of the most popular dressing styles among the millennials, which gen Z is also taking in. Buying oversized plaid shirts and wearing them as a dress has become a regular casual style among new age Fashion enthusiasts, given the ease with which this style can be carried. The comfort level involved with the dress is what makes it your go-to dress for any casual outing. 

There are not one but two-three ways in which the oversized shirt can be worn to create different looks every time you want to go out. The first way in which this oversized shirt can be worn is very simple. You can just put on the shirt like any other dress and pair them with long boots that come all the way up to your knees; it would look better if they were even longer. So it is up to you if you want to wear a belt on your waist to give it a break or you leave it loose. Both the ways you are going to look stunning. It is important that you choose the style of your hair such that it supports the whole look. You can go for a messy bun or a sleek ponytail to complete the look. You can also choose to accessorize according to your outfit.

The other way in which you can use your oversized plaid shirt is by incorporating your denim shorts with these shirts. For this look, you need to put on half your buttons and leave the bottom ones open. You can choose any one side of your shirt and tuck them in your shorts while leaving the other side open to cover the other side. Choosing a hair updo that accentuates the complete look is necessary. You can complete the outfit by wearing ankle-length boots or sneakers with this look. This is a much more casual and comfortable way of using the plaid shirt. 

There is another way in which these oversized plaid shirts can be used which is similar to the previous method discussed. For this look, you need a leather skirt. You can choose the length as it suits you. To create this look, you need to button up the first 3 to 4 buttons, leave the rest open at the bottom, and choose a belt that you can wear over the shirt to accentuate your curve properly. Wear the leather skirt inside so that the visible area where the buttons are open is covered with leather. You can also choose to tuck in the shirt and create a completely different look next time you want to wear it. 


Hack 2: knotted plaids

knotted plaid shirt

This is another way in which you can bring life to any of your regular or casual outfits. For instance, if you want to wear a slip-on dress and you are worried about the plain monotonous look it brings to your everyday wear, then you can just add a plaid shirt over the dress and instead of buttoning up the shirt, you can tie a knot autofit and create a completely new and interesting dress for yourself. Not only with a slip-on dress, but you can do this with any dress of yours that you wear regularly.

If you are planning to wear a plain t-shirt with your denim, you can try to change the look by adding a plaid shirt over it. This way, you can create a completely different look and give your outfit a more playful, cheerful, and sporty vibe. You can take any flat shirt that you have and create a noted shirt look over any dress of your choice. This way, you can not only create new looks every time you like but also break the monotony and portray your creativity with the clothes you already have in your closet. Not only casual and playful, but these looks can also be very trendy as well. You have to make sure that you wear proper shoes and have a good hair-do with every outfit you wear. The best part of wearing this outfit is you don’t have to think much about what to wear and how to wear it. You can move out in your sneakers with your hair open and still look fabulous without much effort. 

Another benefit of wearing the knotted plaids is that they can be worn in any season. In summers, you can wear them over your spaghetti tops, and in winters, you can wear them over your woolens and look astonishing any time of the year.

Not only this, you can just wear your plaid shirts and knot them to wear it over your denim or skirts and create a retro-inspired contemporary look. You can team this up with a pair of glasses that are also so inspired by your vintage collections and create a very attractive look for yourself. The unlimited ways in which you can knot your plaid shirts and create something new is what makes it popular among teenagers today.


Hack 3: as a plaid skirt

plaid skirt style

For this look, you need to have two similar plaid shirts. You can wear one as a normal shirt, and you can use the other one as a skirt to make it look like a complete dress. The shirt that you are using as a skirt can be worn over any shorts or a skirt, but the shirt would cover the whole skirt to make it look like one complete dress. The sleeves of the shirt, worn as a skirt, can be crossed and tied to make the dress look chic and creative.

Wearing a plaid shirt as a skirt is a very innovative way to show your playful side and your boldness in taking creative liberties. This dressing pattern would make your dress look ramp-worthy; you can add some pantyhose and pair them with your stilettos to transform the dress into elegant party wear. You can also change the look by adding some sneakers instead of stilettos and wearing your hair in a half ponytail to make it look more casual and comfortable. You can play with different colors as well. You just need to throw a skirt or a short that matches the shirt you are wearing, and then you can add a plaid shirt that is of similar color with the shorts and use it to wrap over like a skirt and make the look very contemporary and elegant. You just have to try this hack once, and you are never letting go of this style, given the comfort and sophistication this look adds to your dressing. 


Hack 4: Unbuttoned plaid shirt

Oversized plaid shirt

For this look, you need to have a shirt one size bigger than your normal shirt size, and the only thing you need to do is button the shirt from the lower end and leave the upper-end buttons open. You need to accessorize properly with this look to create a very fancy and sleek pattern that looks modern and voguish. This style of dressing would make you feel like a model right from the magazines. The best part is it is very easy and simple to achieve this lot as it requires just one plaid shirt to create the look. When you keep the buttons from the top and open, you make it look like a deep V-neck that gives you a way to show some skin. This is also a very good way in which you can showcase your collection of accessories and neckpieces and create a fabulous new outfit that can easily pass for a Glam party. 

The next thing that you need to decide while wearing a plaid shirt in this way is what to wear under it. You can always throw on some shorts and make the shirt look like a proper dress or you can wear them with statement pants like your vintage jeans and combine them with a pair of sneakers or Chelsea boots to make it look casual and comfortable. You can also wear your long boots to make the outfit more of a glam party-style dress. In this manner the V neck dress you created from the plaid shirt is ready for two different events one can be more casual to go out with your friends and have some drinks together, the other one is a party look to go to a concert or a college event with your partner. You can also add a bandana or a headband to give it more of a Rihanna vibe and create a buzz among your peers. 


Hack 5: With bike shorts and bralette

bike shorts and bralette

This is a look you can go for if you are looking for a more sturdy and sporty style. Bike shorts are one of the most popular casual outing outfits that rank on the top list of teenagers today. The sheer comfort and sporty look of this outfit are what attract teenagers to try it out. Pairing your plaid shirts with these outfits can create a difference in the regular casual outfit you used to wear. You can also join your pool party e by just adding a plaid shirt over your bralette and shorts and enjoying the party in comfort and style. 

If you are going on a road trip with your friends, then it would be best if you try wearing your sneakers to match your outfit; you can tie your hair into a ponytail or just keep them open; you can also try some Afro curls on your hair that looks really amazing with the whole outfit. 

If you choose this style to wear for your pool party with your friends, it is better to pair the outfit with your flip-flops or slippers. You can add a Bandana to your hair and Combine the whole look with a pair of Shades that match your outfit and your pool ready. You can choose any color for your shorts and bralette just see to it that they are in coordination. This means if you are wearing a black bralette, then see to it the shorts are also black in color, and the plaid shirt you wear over it should have some hints of Black to give a good matching vibe overall. 


Hack 6: with a crop top and a girly plaid pattern

Plaid crop top

If you are a fan of Ariana Grande, then you would definitely love this style. You can use your plaid shirt as a boyfriend’s shirt over your crop top and oversized jeans. No other hairstyle would look better with this style than the Ariana-style ponytail. You can wear a knee-length boot just as she does, and you are ready to rock the super sexy diva look. 

For a change, you can use the plaid shirts with some unusual colors like pink, lavender which gives more of a girly vibe, and then you can rock the style like a model straight out of a runway.

You would often see that plaid shirts are commonly found and used in darker shades like black, brown, Maroon, etc. but using colors like pink, lavender, purple would break this mold and give something new in this section. 


The final look

 As you saw from the above-given styles, it is clear that owning one piece of clothing and using it in so many different and creative ways can bring newness to your closet. So as long as you own a plaid shirt or a flannel shirt, it doesn’t matter unless you know how to style them. The above hacks allowed you to learn something about using one piece of plaid clothing in several ways to look sleek and elegant in every way possible. Similarly, if you put your heart into it, you can do this with many other outfits in your closet. So if you love this article, look for some more hacks that would be published for you about one piece of clothing you already own.



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