Why 90s and 00s Fashion Trends Are Making a Comeback This Winter

90s and 00s fashion trends are back with a purpose. While some things (trouser skirts) can stay firmly in the past, there is a lot from this era that has a place in modern design circles. Young people are welcoming these trends with open arms, and designers are responding to these desires. Just like when the 80s themes returned after culture icon Stranger Things made its debut, there are always memorable fashion pieces that find their way into the modern fashion-sphere. It is time for the 90s and 00s, and there are loads of ways to make it work this winter.

Why Are These Trends Making a Comeback?

Fashion trends are cyclical. They have their day, they go away, and then slowly but surely bits and pieces find their way into current times. This is nothing new. TikTok and Instagram influencers have a big part to play in all of this, inspiring their millions of followers to invest in their personal tastes. The power of these innovative channels should never be underestimated and they do influence the fashion market exponentially.

The new generation of adults are also feeling more confident to encourage autonomy in their children’s and personal fashion choices, which means there is a lessened degree of stigma and social pressure to conform to ‘what’s popular’. Instead, being true to what you love and embracing fashion that fits your vibe is encourage, adorded and even heralded.

Staying Warm

The temperatures have already dropped and there is no greater winter clothing item than a great jacket or coat to keep you wrapped up. For a 90s and 00s vibe, the Moncler Jacket collection is the perfect way to keep warm this winter. The big padding, puffy aesthetic and versatile insulation complemented by trendy designs and retro vibes will make embracing yesteryear fashion very easy.

Embracing Belts

No classic 90s look is complete without a belt placed somewhere strategically. This could be around your stomach or at the top of your trousers, but it has to be an eye-catching design regardless of the shape or location. People often used belts to accentuate the waist and create a fresh take on a traditional top or dress, for example.

Vest Tops and Sweater Vests

It’s all about the vests. Everything that could have no sleeves, should have no sleeves. This is the only way to really ride the past train all the way to fashion station. Sweater vests were the peak of 90s fashion, while they drifted off slightly in the 00s. These, alongside gilets and spaghetti strapped vest tops are the dominating theme for the top half of the body.

The Changing Face of a Classic Pair of Jeans

Ten years ago, skinny jeans were all the rage. They have slowly slipped off the popularity scale because, let’s face it, they aren’t all that comfortable. In their place, is the mom jean, the bootcut, the low-rise alternative. These all speak to the style of the 90s and 00s in a big way. The low-rise jean style in particular is booming amongst young people and adults alike. There is more acceptance of individuality, and far less judgment when women embrace a little skin being on show. The world is changing and jeans will always move with that. It’s not just jeans that are embracing the low-rise style either, many styles of pants are rolling with it too.

Bright Colors

It’s not just about the clothing items. Color plays a big role in channeling the vibe of the era as well. Bright colors, complemented by striking black features and everything rhinestone centric is the best way to describe these years. You will see a lot of aquamarine and pink! It’s nice to see some brightness back in the picture after years of beige and blandness.

Prominent Logos

Alongside colors, logos on clothing will always be remembered well for this time of clothing. Prominently displaying brands and labels in big lettering was a big feature of the era. While modern designs shifted to become more subtle and understated, there has been a noticeable move back to what has since been considered a little overwhelming as a fashion choice.

Winter is the best time of year to embrace the ghosts of fashion past. There are so many trends to pick from there will be something for everyone to put into their wardrobe. There is no saying how long these trends will stick around, but as people are embracing independent fashion choices more than ever, perhaps it will be for the long-term.


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