Womens 90s hip hop fashion: know your fashion history!

From the second the initial rapping podium was set and the performer was on stage, everyone was mesmerized but not just from the music day brought to the stage. Confused? Don’t be it was not just the music that was loved by the audience but the fashion and style that the performance brought to the LimeLight it was loved by everyone. who would have known that Hip Hop fashion from the nineties  just became the synonym for free thinking people.

Rappers have consistently had this one of a kind capacity of joining individuals of all races, ages and sexual orientations and as time proceeded it became apparent that Rap was not a pattern, it was a piece of a development and as it advanced it became perceived as a culture. The way of life started to crawl its way into governmental issues and significantly affects the design world. Throughout the long term Hip Hop specialists have dropped their flavor on ordinary dress from tees, kaleidoscopic cowhide coats, sweatsuits, tennis shoes, caps, and substantially more. Famous frills include gold rope chains, Kangol covers, fashion hyped shoes and, surprisingly, non-solution Cazal outlines. All the styles mentioned have become an evergreen hip hop style staple in the fashion world. 


While most brands zeroed in on menswear, as the class developed it became difficult to disregard the flavor that female singers brought to this style. When you see the trends set up by the women of this field you would be surprised and proud to see how well they have done in this field simultaneously. Not only the singing but also the styling was taken a notch up. This ought to show that their voice was not unheard both in music and in fashion.


We should investigate how year by year the advancement of ladies’ wear in this genre of  design world.


Right from the start:


Started during the late seventies or early eighties when the main females of hip hop culture were the Mercedes women. Their style was exemplary and moderate. Polos, Button ups

What’s more, structure-fitting pants made up their uniform. Cat heels and pads were the thing of that time. This style got so famous that people started wearing it on an everyday basis. It kind of took over the fashion industry and got a place in regular American homes. Be that as it may, when in front of an audience they shook with Gold buttoned up shirts.

The Real Roxanne brought a particular originator flavor into the game by shaking a uniquely designed Louis Vuitton suit on the front of her collection. The afrocentric strategy was adopted by some people where they wore African-prints kind of like bandanas as Crowns to relate their fashion with their raps Salt N’ Pepa one of the outcomes. To match their kente fabric caps with those well known beautiful varsity cowhide coats, gold chains, and indeed, even at times floor-length pullovers. Later they added female energy by adding thigh-highs and tank tops under. 

90s women fashion

How did it become famous?


MC Lyte and Roxanne Shante had a comparable style wearing a great deal of more obscure essential hued varsity coats and free loose pants and sweaters. However, don’t get befuddled these larger than average looks actually had a ladylike edge to them.  As the decade was ending you could see how women  rappers had started to move their style From loose baggy clothes to fitted hot chick looks. As the nineties was approaching you could see the trend shifting more prominently to show them what you got. This started becoming more prominent during the mid of the decade. While you actually have Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez, Missy and Lauryn Slope wearing an equivalent blend of loose and shape fitting clothing specialists like Lil Kim, Eve, and Foxy Brown decided on the ‘scarcely there’ look. In general female rappers were going in with all they had with their music and fashion was complimenting them.Some of the quintessential female rappers like lil kim were seen setting new Trends for the Hip Hop fashion of that era. Her verses showed a style loaded up with exotic and provocative verses. Also, she had no issue pulling it off. Her closet frequently included brilliant shaded leotards with short shorts, matched with a crazy fur and snakeskin knee high boots.


The Brooklyn conceited star clarified that she was going to wear anything she desired. This was particularly evident whenever she presented crouched on her self-named collection 

Lil Kim” shaking a panther print bra and undies set with fur, this assertion absolutely set a precedent. Saucy Brown’s style was genuinely like Kim’s as she proceeded the pattern of the unique looks with a Trini pizazz. A particular contrast in their style was the variety range that they each picked, Foxy adhered to neutrals while Kim settled on splendid tones. However strangely, the two of them selected to shake precisely the same bodysuit in the photograph liners for their introduction collections. Charming certainly changed everything around in the cover workmanship for her 1999 collection Chyna Doll and it was everything except straightforward, the Mc is seen shaking blue body paint matched with shorts and heels, nothing loose about that!


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