Rewind to the 70’s black women’s fashion

Of all the vintage fashion eras, the 1970s keep on being one of the jazziest many years ever. Fashion keeps repeating itself; all of us are aware of that. We’ve seen ‘70s patterns returning intensely in the last couple of seasons, although we are not sure about the number of designs and patterns that are resurrecting from the 70s and making a comeback in trend. Those boots you’ve been looking at in some of the latest fashion weeks have a huge seventies influence in them. You would be surprised to know that the fun vintage party whose fashion you had been enjoying is pulling its pages from ‘70s disco style, as well. Indeed, even flares, which may not be in the middle of everyone’s attention right this second, never truly blurred off the trend charts. Also, with regards to footwear, the present Mary Janes and obstructs have the ’70s to thank for their notoriety, as well.


Just a tad of a stroll through a world of fond memories, we scoured the Internet for the most significant inclination of designs especially related to 70s black womens fashion. While it sounds fun, there’s a compelling reason you need to dig through your neighborhood shop that deals in classic and vintage. For the ’70s patterns, you know and love since all your number one web-based retailers are, as of now, on top of bringing the best unquestionable requirements back into dissemination. So assuming you want some motivation on how to wear that sweater-vest or those over-the-knee boots, investigate the way things were done almost half a century ago. Shop every one of the patterns you cherished from the lot and the one that can easily go with the present trend.


Some 70s black womens fashion that is still trending:

Black women fashion



This was a big thing back in the seventies. Black women were seen Sporting different kinds of outfits that had this Patchwork pattern on them. Girls wearing jumpsuits and African girls were a very common sight on streets back in the 70s. This dress was not only really appealing but was also very creative as the patterns of designs that this outfit included had not one, but many colors and designs clubbed into one amazing outfit. This outfit was very popular as it was very easy for people to even start making the outfits in their homes. You just required small pieces of different clothes that would be sewn into one and still look like a statement piece.

The dresses that were made in style were not one but many. Just like the variety of clothes colors and patterns that were involved in this outfit, the patterns of outfits were also versatile. You could easily see jumpsuits, gowns, midis, tops, blouses, or even pants that were made out of patchwork. Combining some of these patterns close with Mary Janes was a very amazing visual that was documented by some of the fashion houses of that time. 


Shirt dresses:

This was also a very common dress that was from the seventies, and mostly black women were seen wearing it. This could also be categorized as work dress for black men as most of them know this kind of dressing for formal places. Even the churches were filled with black men wearing these kinds of dresses. This was considered a very formal and elegant dressing style and has still not lost its charm. Black women were often seen with neatly tied hair whenever they wore this kind of outfit. You won’t find anything that you would not like about such kinds of dresses. A shirt dress even today has similar Fame among youngsters and middle ages. Youngsters have their own way of dressing with this kind of dress while the ones who are in their middle ages carry a similar Vibe to maintain the formal and elegant look. This pattern of dress was very popular because of the grace it brought with it. You got colored dresses that it even gives you the feeling of wearing a midi skirt. Pairing it with a waist belt was done by many women to bring in class. 


Bra top:

This was a very high-class fashion during the seventies. The black women who were in the fashion industry and Presented high-class fashion would often be seen wearing this kind of crop top. This was just another version of a crop top but had a feel of a bra but in a very classy way. It was the look of this crop top that resembled a bra. The top was named bra top. Paired with flared pants and boots, this was the perfect look for youngsters and women who were very fond of carrying trendy fashion. 


Amaze the world 


You agree that the 70s was one of the most crazy yet amazing eras of fashion. The fashion trends and styles were so amazing that they are still inspiring today’s trends. Nowadays, you can even see a direct presence of some of the trends from the seventies that would look equally fashionable in this time. So if you like any one of the above patterns from the seventies that black women used to follow, then do try them out and feel the seventies vibe.


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