Veritably amazing 80s black women’s fashion

80s styles are, undoubtedly, making a wonderful rebound now and for the appropriate reasons. There is no denying the fact that 80s black women’s fashion had that courageous, striking, and boisterous energy alongside all that design in every case needs to have seriously. While they are doing that buzz in this time, you won’t have any desire to pass up a major opportunity tossing around that great 80s energy and say something any place you go. We will guide you through the 80s fashion ride, so don’t stress!. In this article, we will give you some truly astounding motivation that you would find interesting to attempt even today. You can simply read on and try something you like.


Top 5 80s black women’s fashion ideas: 


1. Bold printed blouses


Remember oda mae from the movie “ghost”? The fashion she carried in the movie was kind of a summary of the prints black women in the 80s preferred. Printed blouses were a big thing back in the 80s. Black women were mostly seen sporting these shirts, even inspiring white people to look more bold and confident. For the working-class women wearing these printed blouses with quotes that were shoulder pads, it was a big style trend that they used to follow back in the day. The beauty of the printed blouses has not yet lost its charm. You can still see the inspiration of these word friends in fashion today.


2. Bandana and members only jackets


This was really hot stuff during the eighties. Covering the head with colored scarfs and making beautiful designs out of it was always in tradition for black women. You might see women following this tradition today. In fact, not only black women, even white women, were seen using this style to look prettier than before. To be in this style trend, Bandana was just introduced in the market. And as expected, black women were more attracted to making styles with these bandanas. Styling Afro hairs is already an art, as you all must be aware but taking it to the next level with beautifully printed bandanas was something that black women were more experimenting with.

Not only the bandanas but the jacket from “members only” Was like the most common view across the street. These looked more like Bomber jackets and were comparatively expensive, and wearing them gave a very luxurious field to the youngsters. You would see teenagers and youth across this street sporting this jacket to look like royalty.


3. Leopard prints

Black women in leopard prints

Sooner or later, during the 80s, leopard print turned into a go-to extravagance look. Whether it was real fur or fake fur print, people were brandishing their most liked animal mimicking print with any semblance of cheetah, tiger, zebra, panther, and giraffe print. When it comes to popularity, these prints were so famous that they were not confined to fashion itself; people were obsessed with them and had them even as part of their furniture or shoes. This was a very popular design among black women. Women could take a stab at getting the midi skirts that had animal prints on them. Moreover, when black women wore these Trends, they carried them with so much confidence that it showed the bold and confident side of womanhood, which made them look sexier than before. The hot and classy look that they would get on wearing these prints was the main reason behind women going crazy about this print.

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4. Leg warmers


 White women had to get periodic perms there to carry on this, but with black women, it was very easy. They already had this African style of hair that looked very apt for the whole look. It was basically the complete look that black payment carried with leg warmers that inspired even other women around to choose this style—wearing leg warmers with bold colors had become very common throughout the state during the eighties. With this hair, black women were often seen styling their hair with a side ponytail or just keeping their hair open to carry this style. 


5. Sequins


Sequins have been an important part of the black women’s fashion of the 1980s. You would see that women were influenced to try different patterns of dresses that included some kind of sequin work in them. If you remember Diana Ross, you would understand what we mean. She perfectly portrayed the eighties fashion with sequins added to the iconic dresses she wore.

1980 black women



Black women were and are still known for their bold and confident fashion moves. They are considered to be the pioneers of experimenting with brave and eye-catching fashion trends that slowly become a trend that society follows. It has been a very remarkable era of fashion where black women have taken up the bar very high. This article helps you understand how well black women understood fashion and how they influenced the eighties street style back in the day.


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