How To Design A Vintage-Themed Wedding Day

Weddings have always been so special. You can trace them back hundreds of years. Even back in the day, Weddings were a big deal. Time has never affected the excitement and joy of a wedding. Getting married back then had similar enjoyment and happiness combined together. The celebration can be said to have a different setting in those times. Things back then were much more gaudy and attractive. With modern designs and decor moving in, the theme that was followed during the previous decades was completely out of trend. But the attraction they had and the beauty of the wedding decor of that period are still unmatched. Let us visit back to some of the vintage trends that were awesome when it comes to design but are lost in time. Since they are popping up again and people are finding vintage-themed weddings very attractive, we will discuss some of the design ideas from vintage themes that you can implement in your wedding. 


Vintage theme ideas


vintage wedding


Mirror designs- 


When you are planning a vintage theme wedding, then what could be better than a mirror design that showcases the best vintage decor idea? As you know, the previous error involved many mirror works in weddings and other decorations. The idea of a mirror design is that a lot of lighting reflection effects will be present in your decor, which makes it look very attractive and stunning. Bringing back the vintage theme to your wedding can be easily done by implementing some of the mirror design ideas so that you have that play of lights and reflections and make the space look much more lively. You can definitely create something new with the idea. You always have the liberty of clubbing your ideas and thoughts with Vintage ideas to create something unique and unusual. Something that you create with mirrors will have a personal touch and also look captivating. You can also use this design in your invitation card. If you want, you can choose a save the date online maker ideas that include mirrors on it. This will give your guests a small insight into what they can expect at your wedding. You can also try writing a welcome note on a big mirror where You are welcoming the guest with your name and a welcome note printed on the big mirror. You can also try experimenting with different mirror effects in the whole wedding decor. 


Chandeliers with exposed light bulbs- 


This is a design idea that shouts Vintage when you use it as decor. The moment you see this design and Decor Idea, you will be taken to the time when exposed light bulbs were a big party culture. When you imagine or see photographs from the past, you will see that there is a lot of use of exposed light bulbs, sometimes in the form of chandeliers or sometimes in the form of background lighting. The concept of fairy lights came in a lot later than the exposed light bulbs were the fairy lights of the previous era. If you want to have that essence of Vintage in your wedding, then what else can better demonstrate the vintage theme than the chandeliers and exposed light bulbs in your wedding decor? Even when you don’t have an interest in using only exposed light bulbs, you can also so you just have chandeliers that have those exposed light bulbs on the rest of the decor as per your taste. You can try to mix modern Trends with vintage trends and make something new out of them. The best part is that when you mix the modern decor with the vintage theme, the latter is still going to stand out as a very different look. You can also have a design of a vintage chandelier printed on your wedding card to give a glimpse of what the guests can expect at your wedding.


Using candle lights-  


Candles have always been a part of weddings for thousands of years. Including candles in your wedding decor is not only a way of recreating the vintage theme but, in a way, it is giving a tribute to your ancestors. You will find it very soothing when you see candle lights and the decor that has a focus on the candles to make the whole room filled with a positive Aura. You will agree that nothing can beat the essence of candlelight. Having the best of the best lighting together can’t beat the beauty of candles. 


As an expert at tracy negoshian suggests Just try to focus on small details, and you will have the best vintage theme wedding decor on the most memorable day of your life.



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