How To Store Scrunchies? – Make It Last Longer

Hairs are a vital part of your styling; they can transform your look completely. A hairstyle can make you look exceptionally appealing. Proper consideration should be taken for the hair to look sleek and stylish. When you need to tie your hair, you are often cautious about breakage. Hair ought to be pinned or tied in the right way to avoid any hair damage. Different accessories, hair clips, pins, and ties are available to keep hair in a certain position. Be that as it may, the ideal choice to keep your hair tied is to do it with a scrunchie. It is a hair tie that holds up the hair and doesn’t place a lot of stress on your hair.

Further, it doesn’t harm the hair and is very delicate on them. This article will reveal insights into why scrunchies are so important and how they should be stored, so they remain usable for long.

Why are they important?

Scrunchies have been around the fashion industry for quite some time. It lost its essence in the late ’90s, but you can see them making a comeback. Any hair type you have, be it straight, curly, or frizzy, scrunchies can bring a prominent change in your regular hairstyle. Most hair ties are discarded after some time because of the pressure they put on your hair. The constant pressure leads to hair breakage and thinning. Your hair volume is affected, and you are left with damaged hair. Scrunchies help you deal with this problem in a very fashionable and amazing way.

Scrunchies come in different shapes, sizes, fabrics, designs, and textures, so you have a wide range of design and styling ideas from which you can choose the one that fits you the best. Secondly, the hair ties that scrunchies have are not very tight, so they keep your hair tied with the minimum pressure needed. So your hairs remain in place without getting damaged. Fabrics like Satin velvet are included, so whenever you are dealing with hair thinning and want to use certain accessories that can enhance your look by causing minimum damage to your hair, then you should definitely go for scrunchies made out of these fabrics.


So if you are also looking for a hair accessory that not only looks good but also takes care of your hair, then you should definitely be looking for a scrunchie. This is one accessory that you should definitely have in your wardrobe. Just choose a pattern that suits your hair and goes with your outfit, and you are done. You look amazing with minimum effort and no hair damage.  When you like a particular scrunchie you would definitely want to store them for long. So if you don’t know how to store scrunchies read on and get to know some tips and tricks. 

How to store them?


  • Stack your scrunchies onto the roll to keep them coordinated. You can use your toilet tissue roll holder such that it stands up all alone. Slide your scrunchies one by one onto the roll, and then keep them in an upright position. You can stack all your hair ties in this DIY-stand organizer you have made. 
  • You can keep a jar, decorate it and drop in your scrunchies in it. You can also choose small boxes or bottles that can store smaller scrunchies for hair ties, and you can arrange these jars or boxes as per their sizes. So if you need a bigger scrunchie, you can directly approach the big box in which, so if you need a bigger scrunchie, you can directly approach the big box in which they are stored. If you have much bigger boxes, you can also store your pins in them. You can make a section with a magnetic strip where you can store your pins, and the other section can store the scrunchies in them.
  • If you have a lot of scrunchies in your collection, then you can also make sections in your drawer and arrange your scrunchies in them as per their color and sizes. You can buy a divider that can create sections in your drawers and cabinets, and you can easily store your scrunchies in these sections. You can create the sections by arranging them as per their material or fabric, or you can also arrange them according to the size. 
  • You can buy a separate bowl that sits on your dresser, and you can pull off the scrunchies from your hair and put It down in the bowl. This is an easier way of storing your scrunchies so they don’t get damaged because there is no interaction with any other metal parts. And it will be easier for you to find the strength you like to wear on a particular day; all you have to do is run your hands through the bowl and find the perfect scrunchie. 
  • If you want to create something unique and creative, you can always use an idea different from the regular storage methods. Here is a creative idea for which you require a string and some clips. You can tie this string over the mirror of your dresser and clip all the scrunchies to the string. So every time you need one, you can remove that scrunchie from the clip and use it. This method makes the scrunchies easier to find from your collection and gives an additional accent to your dresser. 

How to make it last long?

Scrunchies are made out of different materials and fabrics. If you want to keep your scrunchies good for a long time, then you should definitely take good care of them. You have to take care of the storage and organization of different scrunchies and need of the fabric that they are made out of. Here are certain points that you can keep in mind so you can keep your scrunchies last longer than before.

  • Do not use harsh detergents to wash scrunchies. Always go for some mild soaps or detergents that can clean your scrunchie fabric but not damage it. You can easily watch them with the help of your shampoos or body washes. These are very gentle on the fabric and do not let it get damaged.
  • Take good care of organizing and storing techniques. Storing it with all your other hair accessories together in one area can damage your scrunchies faster. The metal parts or the embellishments can rub against the fabric of your scrunchie and can lead to your scrunchies tearing up or fraying. 
  • Do not use very hot or cold water. Always try to soak the scrunchies before washing them in water at normal temperature. Extreme temperatures can damage the fabric of your scrunchie and can also make them very dull-looking.


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