Do More With Less: Here’s How To Be Creative With Your Wardrobe

Being creative can help you in every aspect of your life. And when it comes to managing your wardrobe, it is a must to be innovative because there can be a situation where you can get new clothes as it is heavy on your pocket. Or you don’t find anything appealing enough to buy. 

Therefore, utilizing the current options wisely becomes much more decisive. Worry not if you have been stuck in such a situation and can’t find a way out. Just follow these mindful suggestions to help yourself. 

1. Build An Outfit Around A Single Item

It is a great way to experiment with your overall look, and it can give you a unique style. Usually, we choose an outfit and then decide on shoes, accessories like scrunchies, and other stuff. To manage your wardrobe, do it differently. For example, if you have a pair of shoes with a funky color, decide your dress with respect to it. On the other hand, if you wish to wear a particular shirt, try contrasting colors in the remaining items. By doing this, you can add a significant flair to your appearance.

2. Take Care Of Your Belongings

If you are not a shopaholic, then you must take care of the things in your possession and start from the beginning. If not taken care of efficiently, your clothes can’t sustain rough behavior. Therefore, you must scrap lint off your dresses, not sleep with the new clothes on, not wash them with any color you like, and so on. Not doing it might shorten the life of your garments.   

In the out season, store them properly to prevent them from dust. Washing your clothes more often can also damage their fibers due to the usage of detergents.  If it becomes imperative to wash them, you must do it separately and in freshwater so that your clothes don’t get roughed up while cleaning. 

3. Change Your Preferences 

Do you have sophisticated clothes in your wardrobe that you reserve for special occasions or that you consider “too fancy” to wear on a daily basis? What if any such event won’t occur this year if it hasn’t happened in the recent past?

For instance, if you have some tank tops, you should not wait too long to utilize them, as such clothes might look outdated if you wear them after a long time. 

Moreover, it would be best if you do not worry about wearing fancy clothes in your daily routine, or you might wear a structured blazer in a casual gathering that you have preserved for an official occasion. So, adopt such changes to your clothes and do more with less.


4. DIY Some Alterations

It can turn everything around if you think of some tiny alterations to your existing clothes.  Go to your wardrobe and pick those you like the most or wear often. For example, choose a denim jacket and install any kind of fabric badge on the front. If the badge is bigger, you may stitch it into the back of the jacketOr one of your shirts is light in color. You can dye it and make it into a new shirt of a different color. There won’t be much fuss, and these minor changes can be conducted by yourself as such customization tricks become very handy. 

5. Break The Barriers 

In your routine life, stop following a particular pattern while you dress up. Instead of neatly tucking your shirt in your jeans might not be the way to go now. Also, get your jeans cropped from the knees and thighs. It can give you a funky style when planning a holiday trip with your friends. 

You can also use ankle socks in your boots to make yourself a bit more on edge. Use sunglasses and other accessories like wristwatches and bracelets as they can also give elegance. 

6. Use Different Combinations

Try to pair clothes that you have never worn together before. Such collaboration at this point shouldn’t cause you too much concern. Simply take them out of the closet and put them on. It is a possibility that you might get some attractive combinations. 

You don’t have to match everything every time, and don’t rule out any blend because anything can go with your personality as you haven’t tried it before. 

Picky dressing can sometimes work, but in order to wear as many different outfits as possible, you must experiment with unpopular combinations.

Final Thought


Styles and trends change rapidly in the fashion industry, so everybody wants to stay relevant with what they wear. It is not necessary that what you decide to wear is always welcomed by others. Such thoughts might prevent you from trying new unique stuff. Therefore, you must ignore negative things and focus on what pleases you. 

A little bit of creativity can do wonders for your inspiring look.



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