Begin Your Journey in Vintage Fashion as a Novice

So, you’ve finally decided to step up your fashion game. It is bold of you to choose vintage fashion as the starting point for your fashion upskilling. Considering your decision, you must have started looking for clothes you’d like to wear, accessories you’d carry, and looks that attract you the most.


Generally, at the beginning of a fashion journey, people find that everything is expensive, there’s no familiarity with clothes, and some even seem uncomfortable. However, you do not have to feel this way. We’re here to help you rest those speculations. 

This quick guide mentions all the details of where to start the upskilling journey. What all you need to know about yourself, and how to slowly incorporate vintage fashion in your wardrobe.

So, what’s the wait for? Let’s dig in to comprehend the horizons of the fashion industry. 

How do you begin with the new journey? 

The most direct answer to this question is research. You have to do thorough research to understand the concept and find solutions for questions, such as: 

  • What is fashion? 
  • Why are there different names in the fashion industry? 
  • What is described as Vintage fashion

There are ample things you need to learn before entering the vast world. You can learn by watching videos, reading blogs, and speaking with people around you who actively participate in fashion. 

When it comes to videos, they have ample information for you to ponder upon. Every time you watch a video, you can get something new. To make it easier for yourself, you can download the videos from youtube and save it on your device. It helps you watch videos while traveling or whenever you have the time to, without looking for an active internet connection. 

So, the next time you watch a video you like, you can save it on your Mac, to learn how, visit this link; You’ll know what matters most in upskilling your fashion by downloading and reviewing the videos. By doing the proper research, you will learn the following:

  • The importance of knowing your size
  • Knowing your goals
  • Color combinations
  • Significance of a statement piece and more. 

You can follow the trending fashion channels and pages on social media platforms and get info through their posts. You’ll be pleased to know that there are hundreds of things you must be aware of, and implying even a few can help you up your fashion game. 

Once you’ve researched enough to know what articles count in vintage fashion, you’d be confident to buy them for yourself. 

How to Incorporate Vintage Fashion in Your Wardrobe? 

While reading the blogs and watching videos, you must have noticed how everything revolved around sustainability in your fashion. So, instead of swapping your current closet with vintage clothes, it is better to do it gradually. You can follow the below pointers to dip your toe in the world of vintage styling: 

  • Buy Accessories First 

The first step to begin any journey is to start small. Similarly, in the fashion world, you should start by buying accessories. Go out in the market and look for vintage accessories like a scarf, clutch, hat, or belt. 

Initially, you should start by carrying these minor items. It will help you build confidence in blending in the vintage styling in your regular dressing. 

  • Find One Main Piece

Next, when you are comfortable with the accessories, buy one central piece that you can mix up with the current pieces in your closet. It is the mIx-up that makes vintage feel fresh. There is a wide variety of vintage clothing that you will find something you can fall in love with. 

It makes more sense to find tops, jeans, and skirts that you can pair with the ones available in your wardrobe. For instance, you can pair a frill top with jeans and boots, a dress, and even a palazzo. The main objective is to get comfortable with the clothing gradually. To help you find different looks, you can keep a lookbook and follow it to create your unique eyes. Once you know which styles suit and comfort you, you can build your wardrobe around them. 

  • Take Vanity Sizing Into Consideration

Vanity sizing means the inflation in sizes over the years. In simple terms, there has been a lot of transition in size charts due to the world’s changing body structures and body size. In general, there are specific size differences in clothes from different countries. However, vintage sizes are a lot different. 

For instance, if you want to buy a size L in vintage clothing, you should go for four sizes larger to find the right fit for yourself. Therefore, whenever you access the tag on the pieces, always look for the size that will fit you. You may have to buy XXL in vintage if you are a size S according to the modern size chart. 

  • Buy Conspicuous Dresses for Special Occasions

If you are confident, you should start experimenting with party dresses. When you are out shopping if you find a shimmery chic dress that would be perfect for an evening party, buy it. It is a great way to get confident in your skin when you wear something different to an event. 

You can wear a chic dress to a night party while a flowery A-line skirt with a puffed sleeve and a frilled top to a wedding. Pair them with nice pearl accessories, net gloves, and a pretty hat to add that essence. Interestingly, you would not even be overdressed because that is how selective styling works.’

Bottom Line 

Now that you have decided to walk into the world of fashion to learn new things, we hope the information in this guide helps you begin happily. Do not take any stress with this new journey because the fashion world has something for everyone. It is your thought that counts in creating a look. Be good with colors, whether bold, neon, or dull. The correct mixtures and matches will go a long way.


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