5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Camera & Lenses

Without a doubt, camera gear is not cheap, but it is necessary for taking high-quality professional photos, especially if you plan to sell them for print or as stock photos. From this point, you have invested a lot of hard-earned money in acquiring a camera and lenses that you do not wish to see damaged. You must always be safe as accidents could always happen while using the equipment. This is why it is so essential to protect your photography equipment from dust, scratches, or other damage.

Why should I worry about my camera and lens?

If you want your gear to last, you must take good care of your camera body and lens. Consistently buying new gear is not viable unless you are a millionaire. When you take care of your camera and lens, you ensure they last a long time and continue to perform under harsh conditions. Without the right care, your gear starts getting worn down and functioning improperly. Your screens, focus rings, buttons, and mounts all get damaged easily if not cared for.

While the body is always in danger of getting damaged, your lens is at a greater risk of damage. As the lens sticks out all the time, they can bump into something very easily. These scratch when they get tossed around, minus a lens cap. Lenses are made of glass so ensure you are very careful. When you damage the lens, it ends up affecting image quality as well as focus capabilities. This ends up giving you less-than-desirable photos.

1- Using a good camera bag 

This is the best tip, no matter your expertise level. The absolutely essential thing you can protect your gear with is a camera bag. Your specific camera bag ensures your equipment is safe and secure. Camera bags contain padded sections to fit the different camera bodies and lenses you own. The compartments prevent movement while protecting gear from everything your bag could hit. Your gear gets lumped together in a large pile if you use an everyday backpack. Each bump your bag feels causes the gear to stick together, raising the chances for more damage. It’s fairly straightforward to see the reason investing in the right camera bag is essential.

There are multiple bags in the market that do the job. The best ones depend on how much gear you have and where you plan to travel with your photography gear. One of the best camera bags is the Mindshift Backlight 36L Camera Bag. It performs effortlessly in the harshest of climates and conditions. It is expensive but a solid investment. Something a bit more affordable is the Caden Camera bag.

2 – Don’t put away wet gear

It is common to find yourself in some rain when taking pictures. While your camera is protected from weather, some moisture cannot harm it. It is important to let the camera dry out once and then put it back in the bag. When you put your camera away wet, water might start seeping into parts of the camera, causing more damage. On top of that, it might cause condensation to form inside. This condensation cannot be cleaned once the fog is formed and ends up affecting the lens’ performance.

3 – Using Lens Caps

A lot of photographers carry around bags of lenses without covers on them. This is far from ideal. Both lens caps are essential to use. The glass could easily scratch even if it is stored in the camera bag. Your zipper or even your watch strap could cause a scratch. Don’t make a mistake – prevent damage by using a lens cap.

4 – Clean the gear

Just like with electronics, keeping them clean is important. Clean your camera regularly to keep buttons and ports in the best condition. Dust and dirt collect easily, making it difficult to clean once you leave it. Clean your gear every few weeks. Use a cleaning solution, wipers, and puffers, and your camera will remain clean.

5 – Don’t keep your lens open longer than needed

The lens port on your camera is the open hole visible once you replace lenses. This port helps you find the most important parts of your camera. The parts become more difficult to clean versus the outer parts. In addition, your camera insides get damaged, and you are faced with a high cost. Reducing dust or water inside your camera body means you need to minimize the time your lens port remains open.

Keeping your camera clean over time becomes simpler over time. Soon it will be second nature, and you would know your gear is safe. Ensuring your equipment is kept safe is important for improving the lifespan, resale value, and quality of the gear. Treat your camera with care and note it is not invincible.



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